AC Install, Back Garden Work

Big day today – Bob is over, and installing the first (of two) AC unit! Instead of suspending them off the deck, Bob welded some custom metal supports… and bolted them to our wall.

They’ll be up off the ground (to give us more storage room), and can remain under the deck (because they exhaust/vent to the side).

In back, Liz was working on adding a brick edging to the plants along the back border.

Things looking much cleaner.

One concern with all the bunny rabbits lately… is that they’re eating part of this apple tree. On my list today: add a little wire mesh to protect this guy.

The AC unit, in place! It was a little tricky getting this thing up high enough… but we eventually got there. Bob and I had to put it in place, make some marks, and then take it back down. After he drilled in holes for the base/feet… we had to put this thing back up again.

We’ve got another unit going in, but it won’t be quite as tight a fit as this was.

Bob, continuing to work on the wiring.

Late evening, we got our visitor back. Not sure if this was the same bold bunny from a few days ago.

A little bit later, it seemed like he disappeared. But he was just hiding a little.

Hopefully, he and his friends were deterred.

Bold Bunny
Back Porch Demo, AC Install Begins
Planting the Apple Trees

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