A Lazy Rain Day

With us working a lot the last few days, today ended up being a pretty slow and laid back kind of day. The sky was cloudy, the forecast called for rain… so we spent a lot of the day just hanging out inside. Chatting a little, reading a little. And more than one nap took place.

Towards the late afternoon, there was talk about taking the boat out for a spin. Despite the gray clouds, we headed out.

Getting ready to get on board.

Kirt and Liz.

Anne and me, during our drive back (with a little drizzle to add to the ambiance).

It’s worth noting that Sandy joined us on our boat trip, and was a total trooper.

Back home, a little less wet. And got a bit warmer sampling the bottle of Shieldaig that Kirt had acquired.

Later in the evening, we had some meatloaf and rice/veggies for dinner. I regret not taking more photos, as Isabelle joined us. We all had a nice time eating and discussing current events. And also had a late-night jaunt for some ice cream.

Both Isabelle and Jackson were working a lot, both on their school work and at their summer jobs (and also in their various roles with the Jinx performance). So we got to see them in brief windows. Wishing I had gotten a few more photos in, but glad for the time we got to hang out.

Working on the Boat, Day 2
Working on the Boat, Day 1

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