Plastic Bertrand: Ça Plane Pour Moi

There was this song that I heard – random, catchy, familiar. It was during an episode of Ozark, right before the last season I think. It’s not something I could place, but I knew the tune… even if I didn’t know the words.

Thinking back on it, I’m not sure where I first heard this song, or why it’s so familiar. I have the sense that many folks know it, but would be hard pressed to actually cite the singer or the title of the song.

It got stuck in my head recently, and it took a really clunky Google search of “Ozark french song” to track this thing down, but here it is. I’ve got a strong hunch you know this one too, as strange and vague as it is:

Ozark: Final Season
Honeymoon in France and Italy: See You in Two Weeks!

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