Staycation in Hyde Park

With our recent travels to Michigan, Liz and I arrived back in Chicago a little tired. Even before this weekend, the two of us have felt… burned out. Undermotivated, and definitely low energy.

We opted to take some days off this week, with the express purpose of… well, of not doing anything at all. No housework, no errands, just anything that gave us a bit of calm and relaxation. Because for both of us, we’ve felt a little stretched.

Today, we just ambled around the neighborhood. And that kind of pace was just right for us.

After a late brunch, we were walking around 57th Street (and revisited 57th Street Books). Spotted the slow progression of time, looking down at the bricks along the sidewalk.

Stopped in at True North Cafe for a light lunch. There was a small patio way out back (we had to walk around the building and down an alley), that was out of the way and fairly secluded.

Walking near Jackson Park, we spotted some road work happening. I swear this stuff is fascinating to me, and I could have just camped out here for an hour watching this.

Walking towards 55th.

Stopped in at First Aid Comics.

An awesome pair of classic video games: Ms. Pac-Man and a Hulk pinball machine.

Standing here, I was reminded of all the great comic collections I have in storage. Forgot about Fables, Y the Last Man, Ex Machina. And itching to re-read Sandman all the way through, as it’s been way too long.

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