Starved Rock

I’ve lived in Chicago for a good long while now, ever since 2000. And in all this time, I’ve yet to make it over to Starved Rock. Until today.

On our to-do list this week, Liz and I had plans to do a little hiking. And this was our first road trip of the week.

On our way there, I was reminded of a lovely road trip with Justin and Alex, almost two decades ago.

On our way there, we got stopped by a train. What stressed me out a bit was the fact that there were no guard arms or anything here, just some lights and the expectation that traffic would stop.

Even more concerning: the train slowed to a stop, then backed up. Once it fully was out of the way… all the cars on both sides started shooting across the tracks. I didn’t know what was going on, but decided to also shoot across while the getting was good.

Our path to the park was blocked. Reversed, and went looking for another way in.

We got here fairly early, around 10:45 AM. The parking lot was just starting to get busy, and more and more folks seemed to arrive.

We opted for one of the longer trails, and headed for LaSalle Canyon.

And we’re off!

Just outside French Canyon.

Walking in, I was reminded a bit of the West Fork Trail, in Arizona.

It’s been fairly dry lately. Would have been interesting to see what this would look like, had we had more rain.

A nearby outlook.

Liz, leading the way.

We rested here for a bit, and had a small snack. Had we planned better, we would have brought along more food.

We rested here partly to rest, and partly to let a super large (and loud) group walk ahead of us.

While we had a lot of moments of peace and serenity, we also had to contend with a lot of loud groups. So it goes, I guess. This was on a Wednesday, so I can only imagine how much worse it could be over the weekend.

While we were relaxing on a hike, the spiders were clearly still hard at work.

Walking back towards the entrance.

A fairly quiet stretch, on the way back.

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