A Visit to Adler Planetarium

One of the things Liz and I were wanting to do this week was to visit a museum. We’d talked a bit about the Field Museum (I learned that Liz once worked there while in college). We also considered revisiting Shedd Aquarium.

Ultimately, we landed on going to Adler Planetarium as it had been a really, really long time since either of us had been.

Inside, just past the ticket counter.

In our seats, about to watchin Destination Solar System.

Post-show, wandering around.

Most of the spaces near our theater had this muted, neon feel.

An interesting, touch/interactive display.

So the display was part of something called Zooniverse, a crowd-sourced approach to research.

I was reminded a bit of SETI@home (and, somewhat more recently, FoldIt).

Marveled at this amazing thing, and learned it was called a orrery. On hearing the name, I couldn’t stop saying it out loud.

Who needs a coffee table or one of those globes that opens to reveal liquor bottles? I’m now firmly convinced we need an orrery in the house.

Really wish I could see this thing in action.

This amazing thing is an armillary sphere.

Not quite orrery level cool, but close.

This piece I recognized. I’m not sure exactly how it works, but I know an astrolabe when I see one.

Sky computer is pretty catchy.

From this point on, at least 5 or 6 times, I kept saying to Liz: “Have you seen the astrolabe? I think I left it near the orrery.”

House goals.

Was fascinated by several of the sundials on display. I was reminded of an old poem of mine, and how many sundials have inscriptions.

AD NVTVM SVPERIORIS. My clumsy Google searching says that this translates as “To the nod above?”

The original pocket computer.

HOROLOGIUM UNIVERSALE QUO HORA NOCTIS IN OMNI REGIONE DEPREHENDATUR. My clumsy Google searching says this translates as “The universal clock at which time of night is detected in every region.”

It’s really quite beautiful.

At the gift shop, where there are displays for sale featuring popular first names.

I couldn’t help myself, and was secretly hoping I would find the name “Bort”.

Outside, taking in the beautiful sky and the amazing weather.

What a skyline.

Selfie with Chicago.

Wandering along the path/lake, we spotted some pretty bold geese.

We walked a ways, and started to get pretty hungry. We found some (super expensive) concession stands, and got a few snacks out of necessity. There weren’t any open tables, so we just plopped on the grass nearby.

We made the mistake of feeding a few birds some bread crumbs. Soon, we found ourselves slightly surrounded.

Walking back towards Adler, we decided to take our shoes off and walk along the water’s edge.

Classic Liz – you can hear sassing me about getting the gum in the shot.

It was great to walk along the water, but we definitely mis-judged just how high up the waves came. Before too long, we were pretty soaked up to the knees.

Warning signs.

This was near the back of Adler. The crowds were less, and the water was a bit stronger coming in. Was definitely nice to be back here, away from people.

A sundial? Seating area? Back of Adler.

A spot I was really unaware of: 12th Street Beach. It was technically closed, but folks were still out here anyways.

There’s a lovely beach house that sells food, and all in all a not too shabby (albeit small) spot. Expensive to get here, if you’re shelling out for parking… but very nice and secluded.

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