Picnic at Promontory Point

Liz and I had a very quiet and sedentary morning today. But decided to get out of the house in the late afternoon, for a picnic over at Promnotory Point.

A little blanket and backpack, with our supplies.

I should mention: I got this free gift from my employer, a long while ago. I think this was something I got during 2020, in the midst of the pandemic.

At the time, it was a gift that almost was a promise of a future time. Glad to finally dust this thing off, and take it out for a spin.

It’s really quite handy.

Our spot, looking at Hyde Park (with Downtown Chicago in the distance).

I forgot just how much Grubhub branded stuff we have at the house.

Note: in the background, that’s a few drams of whisky in the water bottle. It’s not pee.

A nearby photoshoot. Everyone was out and about today.

We hung out here for a good while, eating cheese and crackers, grapes and strawberries, and sipping on whisky. We brought some books with us, and also just read for a long time.

A lovely, relaxing late afternoon for us. We live so close to Promontory Point, and yet we so seldom trek over to visit. Glad we got a little time here this week.

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