Adding More Wires to the Espalier Posts

With the apple trees growing a bit more, Liz decided she wanted to add more wires to the espalier posts.

For reference, we put these posts in last year, but only just got around to planting apple trees in April of this year.

Liz is training them as espalier trees, so the wires will serve as a set of guides.

Getting the eye hooks in place.

Threading through wire.

I created a few screens for the apple trees, as we’ve had some damage from nosy/hungry rabbits lately. These screens have kept them at bay, and we ended up threading the new wires through them (for now).

New wires in place, ready for new branches.

I’m honestly surprised these trees grew as much as they did. I know we’re at least another year away before we see any apples. But if this is what they’re like after a few months, I can’t wait to see what they look like, in a year’s time.

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