Visiting Bunnies at Red Door Animal Shelter

Over the weekend, Liz and I had an appointment scheduled at Red Door to visit with their bunnies. It’s a shelter we’ve been to oftentimes in the past (where we found both Quincy [originally Marciano] and Phineas [originally Cowboy]).

It’s been a difficult time, particularly for Liz, with the loss of Phineas. Daisy has been… a little distant, and a little reserved, lately. We recognize that she’s lost her vision, and is less active, but it also seems that she’s not quite as energetic as she has been in the past.

Today’s visit was to meet with potential bunnies, and to see which ones might be good fits (with both us and with Daisy). There’s a whole other “speed dating” aspect to this, that comes later… but today’s excursion was more to identify potential matches.

Outside Red Door and their actual, red door.

In the past, we’ve been able to meet individually with bunnies in their pens. I’m not sure if the process has changed since our last visit, as I think they now have a specific room for these meetings/interactions.

The room was already occupied, so I think Red Door made an exception for us and allowed us to directly visit and hop from pen to pen (see what I did there?).

A current favorite, from nearly everyone who met him: Napoleon Dynamite.

Napoleon, clearly on the lookout for tater tots.

Liz, getting a tremendous amount of attention and affection from Napoleon. I think it’s incredibly rare for a bunny to be this affectionate and forward out of the gate, but according to the volunteers it seems par for the course for Napoleon. Suffice it to say, Liz was smitten.

Yahtzee, who is apparently a *Jumper*.

I forget this fellow’s name, but he’s a big one. You could have thrown a saddle on his back and ridden him home.

Liz, meeting with Mr. Bubbles (another favorite).

He was very active and very much up for exploring.

Liz with Benjamin.

I think I must have a special skill where, on visiting Red Door, I get some great video of their resident cats. The above video is a Vine (remember Vine?) circa 2013.

Still got it.

Sitting amongst the bunnies.

After our visit, we stopped next door at Lickity Split for a late lunch. And by late lunch, I mean we had some frozen custard.

The two of us sat outside for a while, and talked about how we felt the visit went. After some back and forth, we decided to go back to Red Door and officially schedule a speed dating session for Daisy.

On the way home, we ran into some traffic for the Air and Water show. But came across this incredibly cloudly, dreamy view of the downtown skyline.

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