Drinks with Diane and Ryan, Dinner at Gussie’s

Got a call from my cousin Diane that she was in town with her boyfriend, Ryan. We chatted during the week, and coordinated with them to meet up Saturday night. They’ve had quite the whirlwind Chicago vacation, and today was no exception.

We met up for drinks around 5PM at Sparrow. Turns out this place was recommended to them by a few other people, so we got lucky on the pick (or have really good taste).

We were their start to the night, as they had a show at Second City at 7PM. Then dinner at a steakhouse. And then drinks at Aviary (at 11:30PM). I got tired just writing that out.

We chatted for a bit, got caught up on their lives during the pandemic… and heard a bit about their Chicago adventures.

Group photo, outside Sparrow.

We gave Diane and Ryan a lift down the way to their show. And then, on a whim, I decided to call up Gussie’s to see if they had any open tables. A bit of a gamble on Saturday night, but it paid off!

I stopped in here two years ago, to pick up a dinner for our anniversary. A dinner I almost ruined, had it not been for the kindness of the co-owner, David Thate. It felt nice to come in and actually dine in the restaurant, in person.

I have to tell you – look a this bread, look at the cheese layer. This was worth the price of admission here.

Liz‘s dinner.

I had to fight against the reflexive urge to get carbonara. But went with the Tagliatelle with Meatballs.

Coffee and dessert.

A lovely evening catching up, as well as an unexpected night on the town. A busy evening for me and Liz (but pales in comparison to the evening Diane and Ryan had in store).

House Day, Anniversary Evening
Date Night: Drinks at The Aviary

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