Daisy and Carmelita, Second Bonding Session

Things were a little rough downstairs for the last session, so we decided to relocate upstairs to the bedroom. Even more neutral ground. Liz had a lot more guarding to do.

A quiet moment, shared.

While there was a little grooming happening, Carmelita started to get a bit impatient. Daisy would move (a little suddenly), and Carmelita would respond by nipping at Daisy.

During these bonding sessions, the whole “who’s the alpha” gets worked out between the bunnies. And the humping that happens (a non-sexual thing, and more of a power thing) is usually expected.

But the nips we were seeing were a little more aggressive in nature. Stronger than any dominance situations we’ve ever seen before.

Daisy and Carmelita, First Bonding Session
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