Daisy and Carmelita, Bonding Sessions Continue

We’ve had a few more bonding sessions with Daisy and Carmelita this week. Things seemed to start off positively (the two were really great with one another, at Liz Rench’s house). But the last few sessions took a turn, where Carmelita has gotten a lot more aggressive.

Daisy’s been pretty patient (an indicator to us, of how ready she is for another companion). But the last few sessions, Liz has had to keep Carmelita at bay almost. She’s almost going after Daisy, biting at her… and got Liz’s hand once or twice, because it was in the way.

Sadly, I think tonight was the night we determined it wasn’t going to work out. We were surprised that the two initially hit it off (female female pairs rarely get along). But things definitely took a turn, and it just seems like it would take a lot for these two to get along.

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