Daisy and Mr. Bubbles, First Bonding Session

With Daisy and Mr. Bubbles next to one another, we could tell they were anxious to hang out again. Daisy could sense someone new was around (though her eyesight probably prevented her from seeing). And Mr. Bubbles was definitely showing an interest in Daisy and her pen.

First session, cautious introductions.

Some light grooming. Mr. Bubbles is a young bunny, and hasn’t quite figured out yet what it means to groom another bunny. He’s not doing what he should (licking), and instead does this kind of light biting/nipping thing as an approximation.

He knows he’s supposed to do something, but hasn’t quite figured it out yet.

A little shared bit of hay, to encourage eating alongside one another.

Another New Bunny in the House

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