Trimming the Trees

At 5PM today, Liz and I tried to make a concerted effort to walk away from our desks and actually do something other that work.

Liz took to a task we’ve been putting off for some time, but has needed to get done: giving Tippi a trim. She’s gotten a bit out of hand, and needs her afro taken down a few notches.

All this said – it’s actually great to see Tippi thriving so much in the backyard. She had a rough start, but after we got her in the ground… she’s been full steam ahead.

While Liz was working with a ladder, I was using an extensible pole saw/trimmer. I got up to a lot of overhanging tree limbs (though I was nervous and kept clear of the electrical wires running across the property).

Between the two of us, we cut down a lot. And cleared a lot of overhang from our various neighbors. After we stopped trimming, I spent another hour almost, filling yard bags with branches and leaves.

Trimming Limbs
After the Sod Cutter
Putting Tippi in the Ground

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