Getting Rid of Things

So, a few things to note here. First, as an employee of Grubhub, I get $50 in credit, per week, to use for ordering food. It used to be $35 per week a few years ago, but during the pandemic the amount got upped to $50.

If you don’t use your allocation before midnight on Sunday, it gets rolled into a donation fund… and then you’re issued another $50 on Monday. Something of a “use it or lose it” kind of thing.

Second: Liz and I started on the Keto diet earlier this week (Tuesday, September 6th). So ordering out isn’t really an option for us, as we pretty much have to avoid all starches and sugars. Bit of a bummer.

Which leaves me with a problem (admittedly, a nice problem to have): how to spend $50 on food you can’t eat?

The solution I came up with: order some coffee for delivery. Plein Air Cafe is a local spot that Liz and I enjoy going to, for brunch on the weekends. I like their drip coffee a lot, and remembered that they sell their house bled coffee beans.

So I decided to just throw all the credit towards two pounds of their coffee beans, and two Cortados (with whole milk, instead of Soy). Seemed like a good use of those funds.

When my delivery arrived, I was surprised to find two additional items that I hadn’t ordered. Looking closer, I saw that the words “free” were written in the corner of each. And that we had gotten two free pastries with our order.

I placed this order late in the afternoon on Sunday. And while my act was to try to get rid of my credit allocations, it seems that Plein Air was also trying to get rid of its pastry inventory. Since it was close to their closing time, this was my guess.

As amazing as these looked (and smelled), Liz and I couldn’t eat them. So I texted a few neighbors, trying to find someone to take them from us. Eventually, I was able to pass these pastries along to the Browns, who are a few doors down from us.

I think this was a silly end to a silly sequence of events. In trying to get rid of allocation credit, I ordered coffee. In trying to get rid of their excess inventory, Plein Air gave us free pastries. And we in turn, had to get rid of them through the Browns.

First World Problems, indeed.

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