Anniversary Dinner at Prime and Provisions

In true form, Liz and I both nearly forgot our wedding anniversary. It was just a few days ago that I burst into the bedroom, exclaiming that our 13th wedding anniversary was coming up… and Liz’s response was “I forgot!”

We’re a good match.

Well, we didn’t want to let the fact that we started Keto earlier in the week stop us from going out. So we decided that a steak dinner would keep us within our boundaries.

On heading out, a discovery. A day or so ago, we had a pretty torrential downpour. We saw some water, still pooled, by the windshield.

The thing to keep in mind: we had gotten our windshield repaired/replaced a week or so ago. After having it damaged on our trip up to Whitehall.

On opening the passenger door, we discovered a pool of water. We were both unable to explain how this happened, and could only surmise that the massive amount of rain came in through the windshield and made its way down here.

We were running late, and were able to clear out the water fairly quickly. But definitely added a little stress to the evening.

Our table/view at Prime and Provisions.

The one nice thing about Keto: we can have whisky! No sugars, surprisingly. Though as part of the diet, Liz and I have definitely cut back. While we tended to prefer to share drams at the end of the work day… we’re now reserving alcohol for the weekends only. And, as today… special occassions.

Liz ordered a dram of Glenmorangie Signet, something she had tasted at a Women Who Whiskey event a few weeks back.

I wanted to try a Distiller’s edition Dalwhinnie, but they were unfortunately out. I ended up deciding to join Liz, and also got myself a dram of the Signet.

An interesting note: Signet is very different than what Glenmorangie typically puts out. The taste is very unique, and a lot of deep/dark chocolate flavors, coffee. On first sip, it’s quite surprising and not something you’d think of, when imagining scotch whisky.

Something else I just found out: they apparently shut down the distillery for a week, to produce this.

For me, I got the dry-aged New York Strip.

Liz got one of the specials: three smaller Filet Mignons, each with a different crust/topping. We also got some green beans and brussels sprouts as sides (both of which came with ample amounts of garlic). I think we made it pretty clear to the wait staff that we were not vampires.

With all the rush of getting here and the novelty of actually eating out, we completely forgot to ask someone to take our photo. I hope this was an indication that we were focused on ourselves, and our meal, and enjoyed our time instead of trying to document it.

At times like this, I find myself thinking about the Other Liz and Felix. And also thinking about Ian and Susan. I hope they all are all well and enjoying yet another anniversary, wherever they might be.

It’s hard to imagine that 13 years have passed, since Liz and I got married. It feels like a tremendous amount of time; it feels like no time at all. There are worse ways to define love.

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