Warehouse Liquors: Glenrothes Tasting

While Binny’s tends to be the place we usually shop, at some point during the pandemic Liz and I happened across Warehouse Liquors and were quite taken with their selection.

Also recently… Liz started to attend the Chicago Chapter of Women Who Whiskey, and got to experience the upstairs space above the store.

She saw that Warehouse Liquors was hosting a Glenrothes tasting, and this ended up being an event we both attended.

Outside the store. There were several whiskies on the event description, so we decided to play things safe and took a cab.

I got to see the upstairs space for the first time. On walking in, it was very elegant and inviting.

Drams at the ready.

We didn’t realize that this was a paired tasting. With us on Keto, Liz and I mostly picked at the cheese and meats and nuts. It was hard to turn away the chocolate.

L to R: Glenrothes 18, Whisky Maker’s Cut, Glenrothes 25.

Liz, tasting. A good trick/advice we got for nosing: put your nose over the rim of the glass, but breathe in through your mouth.

The final event: a dram of the Glenrothes 36 year. I have to say… these were generous pours.

There are a limited number of these bottles (I think it’s around 136 in the world). And they cracked one open here for the event.

The prior whiskies we tasted were strong on the sherry. And Liz nad I both assumed this one would just get progressively stronger/richer. But we were very surprised at how light it was!

The Glenrothes 36 really stood out to me, as it wasn’t like anything I’d tasted before. A lot of white fruit tastes, hints of peaches. And this is going to sound very odd, but I’m just going to say it – I got a very distinctive hint of Pond’s Cold Cream.

Overall – the 36 year was just very surprising, and not at all what I expected. Given its rarity, I felt very lucky to have gotten a taste.

Price sheet.

So… who wants to get me a bottle of the Glenrothes 36 for Christmas?

In addition to the drams and the food, we also got gift bags.

Also at the event – we got free fashion sketches from Kristine Steiner. On entering, we had our photos taken… and by the time we left, we had these in hand.

Also in the gift bag: a Glencairn whisky glass and a notebook to boot. Not too bad, for a tasting!

Whisky Tasting Prep

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