Hugo on Top

With Daisy and Hugo now sharing the same space, they also share a cardboard bunny cottage. A two floor building, if you will.

Daisy has always been less inclined to go up to higher floors (moreso since her vision has worsened). But Hugo was exploring somewhat. In the evenings, we’ve left some pellets on the second floor, in the hopes that we’ll entice one of them up.

Today, a first – came down to see Hugo, standing on the top floor. He and I looked at one another, and we were both pretty confused.

Not sure if he got bored or adventurous, but there he was… sitting on the top floor. He eventually got back down, though he probably needs more practice with the ramps between floors. Wondering if this will be a new place for him to “get away from it all.”

A New Bunny Space for Hugo and Daisy
Everyone, Meet Hugo
Top of the World, Ma!

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