Plinko Board Build, Day 2: Dividers and Dowel Rods

After work, Liz and I suited up and were back in the basement to continue our build. We had some boards that we were planning to use as legs, which also doubled as material for our dividers.

Cutting some lengths for our dividers. We have two rows of dividers planned. The lower row pieces are shorter, and separate out the various candy slots. The upper row pieces are slightly taller, as they separate out the various slots for the puck.

A small jig to help with the dividers.

Liz, laying out where we want the dowel rods to go.

Blue tape, along with our dividers.

Dividers laid out. Candy will go on along the bottom, and the puck will stop at the upper row.

Drilling holes for the dowel rods. It’s gettin’ real!

Dowel rods in.

Plinko Board Build, Day 1: Dado Cuts and Layout

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