Plinko Board Build, Day 4: Dado Cuts, Revisited

Since we split some of our frame pieces trying to hammer them into place, tonight found me with some fresh boards and re-installing the dado blades. I guess practice makes perfect.

I was doing a lot of measuring and checking, and there wasn’t a ton that Liz could really do until these pieces were done. So she ended up taking a sorely needed night off.

I did several test cuts, and tried several variations of the small shims that came with the dado stack set. I was really surprised at how drastic the cuts were, based on the inclusion of one small little shim.

I was able to dial in the proper width that felt snug (but not overly snug), and also not overly loose.

I ended up creating two new frame pieces. And decided to try to re-use the existing frame, and just re-cutting the plywood slot.

I was able to mostly dry fit the pieces, though I was running into an issue around the bottom right corner, where everything seemed to bind up. But… that’s tomorrow’s problem. We’ve got some frames again, and now we’re back on track.

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