Plinko Board Build, Day 5: Frame Install, Plexi Glass Fit

Back to it. We’re getting a little better at using the belt sander, to fine-tune the curve of the leg stand legs. Really starting to get an itch to get an actual stand-up belt sander.

Of course, we don’t do enough work to really justify this sort of thing. But like all tool purchase fantasies, I think we’d do more sanding if we actually had one…

The right side of the display is a little tight, for our borders. Liz decided to take the orbital sander to whittle things down so our fit was less tight.

Sanding underneath.

Success! Frame is now fitting on much nicer than before, and with less effort needed to get things in place.

Glued, and installed. The groove for the plexiglass looks to be lining up pretty well.

We also threw in a lot of brad nails, to help hold things in place while the glue set. The corners are a little gapped in spots, but we can fix that up in a bit.

First dry fit of the plexiglass. We’re a little snug, and near the top… our plexiglass is getting jammed up. But we’re close!

I had a prior concern that I had cut the plexiglass too short… and we’d need to go get another 4×4 piece (an expensive mistake).

Turns out, the frame was not quite snug when we did our first attempt, and the plexiglas piece was actually pretty spot-on. A big relief that we didn’t have to go for yet another round of supplies.

Excited to see this thing coming together, literally!

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