Early James: If Heaven is a Hotel

I continue to be awed by Early James, and his album “Strange Time to Be Alive.” I keep finding myself getting hooked onto a given track, and looping that particular song over and over. And then moving on to the next.

I was drawn to some of his grittier songs (near the start of the album). But tracks like Pigsty and this one, If Heave is a Hotel, leave me really taken with his stylistic range.

Well, if heaven is a hotel with no checkout time
And hell is just a motel with smoking rooms
Can I get an estimation when to book my destination?
So sick of waiting for my skin to prune

At this rate – seriously, I’m just going to be posting the entire album up, song by song. I really need to start digging into his previous work, given how much I love this album.

Early James: Straightjacket for Two
Early James: Pigsty

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