Backyard Date Night

Tonight, Liz and I broke off house work a bit early… and had a low key date night in the backyard. Nothing fancy, just a small fire at the end of the weekend, before the week starts to get hectic again.

The weather today was really mild, and quite good (given that it’s November). We had planned to start our fire around 5:30 PM… but forgot about the Daylight Savings change today. And so dusk came a little earlier than we anticipated.

We broke closer to 5PM, and got a fire going. The flames picked up as the night surrounded us, and we slowly started to feel the chill creep back into the air.

We’ve had the fire pit out in the yard a few times now, and each time I’ve successfully marred the grass with excessive heat. Last time, despite having the fire pit raised up on bricks… it still resulted in a small, circular patch of dead grass. Took no chances tonight, and put everything under a huge sheet of plywood.

It’s been a long and busy number of days for us. It still feels like we’re recuperating. But tonight, it was nice to slow things down a bit and get a little time outside. Not very many more days we can do this, with Winter around the corner.

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