Daisy’s Hut, Hugo’s Elevator Rides

Daisy hasn’t been herself, lately. It’s minor, slightly off and on. There have been a few periods where she’s not really eaten her greens. She’ll nibble, then lose interest and walk away.

It’s a bad sign with bunnies don’t eat. And very concerning when they have what seems to be a loss of appetite. According to the vet, Daisy’s lost some weight, and it may be that she’s been shying away from food more than we realized.

Though we had a few days where we had to force feed her Critical Care, she’s rebounded a bit. And seems to have her appetite back. We’re still keeping tabs.

Tonight, Liz came down to find Daisy hanging out in the wooden hut. With her little leg, dangling off the front. She seemed laid back, relaxed. But that little foot dangle added a bit of regality, I think.

Daisy, looking a bit more tuckered than regal here.

One fun bonus: Hugo hopped onto Liz’s back for the first time.

Liz used to have this thing with Phineas, where he would hop onto her back… and then hang out, and eventually jump down. We used to call these his “elevator rides.”

Glad to see Hugo is getting a bit more comfortable (and more adventurous). He spent a lot of time smelling/chewing Liz’s hair. But seemed perfectly fine with his new vantage point.

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