Snowy Travel

Liz and I were on the road this evening, heading up to Michigan. We got out of the city right at rush hour, and held a decent clip for most of the way.

Once we got into Michigan though, we started to run into some snowy weather. We saw some snow on the ground, and hit patches of flurries.

At times, there was nothing at all. And other times, we were nearly blinded with snowfall. This alternated back and forth for the last half of the trip. At one point, I remember most of the cars on the highway going down to around 30 mph.

It’s not the greatest quality video, but gives a sense of what the driving was like.

Closer to Whitehall, the skies were clear but the roads were slick. We kept it really slow, as the car would skid on the smallest of turns. I recall driving at about 10 mph towards a stop sign, and I still felt the anti-lock brakes kick in. It was that slick out.

We had a pretty long drive, coupled with losing an hour to the time change. Despite that, we decided to stop at a grocery store before our destination… and spent another hour loading up on supplies.

We’re expecting to get a lot of snow near us, and it felt better to front-load our shopping now to avoid needing to go out again in the snow. Made for a late evening, with us arriving and starting to unpack around 11:30 PM, local. But we should be set for the next few days.

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