Ecobee Install

While at the Lakehouse, Liz and I got a new thermostat delivered here. We decided to roll up our sleeves and do the install, prior to everyone else arriving.

A few wires, and a little daunting. My main concern was not letting the wires slip into the wall, once we got the mounting plate off.

Little did I know – behind the scenes, the wire wasn’t actually buried in the wall, and came out in the utility closet.

Gotta have the right tools for the job.

We purchased an Ecobee (the Enhanced version)… which was the same one we got for our house. Connecting the old/existing wires was pretty straightforward. Using the Ecobee app, we were guided through the installation process without much fuss.

Success! Luckily for us, we didn’t knock the furnace out of whack and weren’t left without heat. The whole process was around 45 minutes or so, and easier than we expected.

The Heat is On!

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