Advent Incremental

For those that love incremental/clicker games like me, check out Advent Incremental… a holiday-themed incremental game.

I have to confess: I’m a sucker for these types of games. But here’s my warning: I got into this game initially, but then gave up after a few days because I just didn’t quite get the same sense of satisfaction from the game.

And for some reason to me, the progression of the game/tasks started to feel like hindrances/chores. Which is ridiculous to say, because that’s what clicker games tend to be about. But this started to feel more like work than play to me, and I had to tap out.

Which saddens me immensely. I’ve been on the lookout for another good/satisfying clicker game, and I’ve just not come across one that seems to hit the mark for me. But hey – maybe you’ll like this one, so what do I know?

One interesting thing is that this game seems like it’s being developed in real-time, which is an interesting approach. A lot of the core mechanics are there, I’m just not quite able to get into the swing of it, it seems.

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