Memento Media Mori

I got an email and a text message, saying that there was a password reset request for my Facebook page. This wasn’t me, and I was super wary of both messages… so I decided I needed to update my Facebook security.

A bit of advice… if you ever get an email or a text message, saying that your password has been reset: do not click any links!

Instead, log directly into the site and figure out what happened. Oftentimes, messages that tell you your password was reset are phishing attempts and may lead to fake pages that try to get you to enter in your password.

I’ve got two-factor authentication set up for most of my online accounts, but it wasn’t something I had set up yet for Facebook. Seeing as I was overdue, I went digging through Facebook’s settings… and came across this:

Initially, it was surprising to see that there is a Memorialization settings option. But I guess it makes some degree of sense. What was most surprising to me is that this setting is one of three options, under General profile settings… and something at the very topmost level.

It makes sense to plan for this eventuality, but I’m not sure when I’ll ever be in the proper mindset for this. Social Media, to me, has been all about putting forth the most positive, flattering outlook of your own life to others. To have this space interrupted with a very somber reminder about one’s mortality… that’s pretty harsh.

I came here for photos of puppies and cookie recipes. Not to figure out what photo I want to use, as my banner image in perpetuity.

General note: I have my preferences on what photo should be used. I’m not entirely sure I trust Liz.

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