The Fear Returns

With winter fast approaching, we seem to be at a point where there are three respiratory diseases that are converging at once: Covid, RSV, and the Flu.

Interestingly, I think Covid is something of the lesser concern. There are newer variants that seem to evade our prior vaccines… but this version is less lethal. The flu, from what I hear, is stronger than usual… and seems to pose more of a concern (particularly among the older population).

I heard a really good podcast about the so-called “tripledemic” from the New York Times: The ‘Tripledemic,’ Explained. I think it’s very much worth a listen, as it helped contextualize all the things going on at the moment.

Right now, I’ve become more wary about going out. I know I’ve been fairly cavalier about going out to bars and restaurants, but the feeling I get now is that it’ll be better to avoid public spaces this winter. At least, until things settle down a bit more.

I’m not convinced things will be fine, and have a growing worry that things will get worse. But I’m predisposed to that. The worry. So I guess we’ll just see.

[photo via Usman Yousaf]

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