Hugo Burrito

We had some long overdue bunny maintenance planned today (cleaning Daisy up with some wet wipes, and clipping Hugo’s toenails). For both, Liz and I employed the tried and true “bunny burrito” method.

Of concern: bunnies can kick pretty hard, and can really try to break free if they don’t like how they’re being held. We’ve heard reports of bunny rabbits breaking their own backs, trying to wrest free… and this has been a concern for us, any time we grab a particularly energetic bunny.

Hugo fits the mold of energetic bunny. Daisy is, well… just surly, and doesn’t like being handled. Different bunnies, different reasons.

Daisy’s time went fine. The challenge today was Hugo, as this was his (and our) first time, giving him a toenail clipping. And also his first time getting folded into a burrito.

He got pretty still, once we started to wrap. Poor guy.

Liz, wrapping Hugo up. She’s an old hand at this now, after having burrito-ed many a bunny so far.

Hugo, lying back and being (mostly) ok with us trimming his nails. We were sure to give him a treat afterwards, to provide a little positive association.

Liz remarked about how heavy Hugo was. While Daisy is big, she’s fairly light. But Hugo is all muscle and just solid. Think bowling ball with fur. Amazing to think he’s just a year old, and still has a bit of growing to do.

Bunny Burritos!
Home From the Vet, and the Baxter Bunny Burrito

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