Christmas in Indy, Day 3: Hallway Painting and Mahjong

With the trim painting done, Liz was working on cutting. She’s much better at this than me, so a majority of the detailed work was hers – but I still tried to help where I could.

With the door frames cut, this allowed me to start rolling some of the larger areas (that didn’t require as much precision).

Fast forward a few hours, with the hallway work done.

Our makeshift gate, which kept Kaya at bay.

Another view of the hallway.

In the evening, we broke out a custom Mahjong table and an old Majhong set… with the goal of having my parents teach us how to play, officially.

I have vague memories of playing as a kid. And the sound of Mahjong tiles clacking together is something I hear, when imagining my grandmother’s house on the South Side of Indy. But while I think I know the rules, I never learned them officially.

Dad, helping to explain some of the basics.

Mom, helping shane and Liz.

Stacey, looking at her hand… while Dad helps Jahnu.

Dad, looking in on Liz.

Mom and Dad, providing some guidance to Shane.

Late in the evening, we got to witness a rare event: Kaya going a little crazy with two doggie beds:

If you listen carefully, you can hear Kenny in the background (he was over, and practicing his violin).

Kaya, living large with the double bed setup.

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