Christmas Dinner in Merrillville

Continuing a lot of family visits, today Liz and headed over to Merrilville… to hang out with Julie and Bob, and Katie and Tim’s family. We had a big dinner planned, with folks arriving in the afternoon for drinks and gift exchanges.

Promises to come: potato pies and a salad.

L to R it’s Liz, Emmy, Tim, and Gavin. Emmy got a craft kit, and was affixing multiple things to her face with a mixture of saliva and willpower. It was fantastic to behold.

Katie, showing Julie and Liz how her Peleton works.

Hanging out in the kitchen over drinks and Hors D’oeuvres.

Dinner with the family.

With ever place setting, there were small poppers (and gifts inside). Something of a tradition here.

A lovely spread, good food and good company.

Since we were very close to Savannah’s birthday, we got the chance to celebrate a little early.

It doesn’t matter how old she gets, Katie is always there to provide support.

Didn’t catch a photo of Cameron, but he did join us later in the evening (after he got home from work). Really lovely to see everyone, and to finish off a very family-filled few weeks.

Thanksgiving in Merrillville

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