Big Basement Reorg, Day 1

Liz and I have had a lot of family events, this holiday season. We’ve been out and about an awful lot, and way more social than I can remember us being for some while now.

We’ve had a few days to decompress and just rest/relax/loaf. And today, we decided to suit up and put a little time into some house work. The basement has been super neglected for a long time, and one of Liz’s goals for our holiday break was to do some serious reorganization.

We’ve had a lot of excess “stuff” along the North side of our basement wall. Our wood pile has also slowly devolved into just a random pile of discarded lumber, and has transformed into a hot mess of chaos, covered in sawdust and sadness.

Pulling out bins, sorting through supplies, figuring out what to keep and what to throw.

Small progress: a bit of wall re-revealed, and some sawdust removed. More to come.

Basement Shuffle, February 2022
Basement Shuffle, December 2015

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