Big Basement Reorg, Day 2

I was off running some errands in the morning, and didn’t get back home until around 1:30 PM. We had plans to continue our basement work, and wanted to keep that momentum going.

I have to admit… not something I was super energized to do, given I spent most of the morning out and about. But we had a few hours left in the afternoon, so we decided to suit up and keep going.

A bit cluttered still, but making space.

Which tool do you think was the most useful, today?

Nearly everything cleared away from the walls. That pile of wood in the distance is the excess floor boards from our first floor.

For some fun retro blog links, check out First Floor Leveling, Day 1 for the start of our new floor install.


All of our excess lumber, in piles.

A little messy now, but there’s a plan.

Around 5PM, Liz and I were debating pushing through and working until late… or calling it. We both wanted to keep going in the basement, but didn’t want to completely kill ourselves today.

Liz had purchased some brackets for wood storage, and we were going to install them… before we realized we didn’t have an adapter/bit large enough for the lag screws. We had a few options: run out to Home Depot, or call it for the night.

So we compromised: we promised ourselves a nice brunch tomorrow morning, and that we’d go to Home Depot for our necessary supplies. And work more tomorrow.

Big Basement Reorg, Day 1

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