Sprice Machines: Ice Cream Server

I’ve seen my fair share of Rube Goldberg machines, in the last two decades. I think that with the advent of the Internet, we may very well be living in the golden age of Rube Goldberg machines.

I want to argue that Cog (which came out in 2003) was one of the first “viral” Rube Goldberg machines to make the rounds on the Internet. Which was no small feat back then, since it would be another 3 years until YouTube came to be.

All that said… Steve Price is quite the Rube Goldberg artist. And his most recent creation, Ice Cream Server, really stands out.

It starts out as you imagine, but the overriding sensation is you asking yourself “How does this keep going and going?” It’s mind-boggling.

[via MetaFilter]

To see more machines (and domino art), check out Sprice Machines on YouTube.

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