Daisy is Hard Down

Liz and I have a silly saying that we use, whenever we see that Daisy is fast asleep. If we can tell she’s really out sleeping, we’ll say “She’s hard down!”

Daisy is getting on in years, and is now in her matronly old bunny phase. She struggles a lot to find her way around, with her failing eyesight.

All that said, it’s still nice to see her relaxed and comfortable, from time to time. Like this moment from today:

Bunnies are prey animals, and tend to be fairly guarded and vigilant. So when they get super relaxed and “flop” (resting on their side, with their bellies exposed)… it suggests a great deal of comfort. It suggests they feel safe and secure.

It’s been a long while since we last saw Daisy flopped. And to see her like this, with her new pal Hugo, was a great thing to see.

She’s hard down.

Everyone, Meet Hugo
Daisy Flop
Two Photos of the Double Flop

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