A Few Days a Week

I started into this habit a year ago, maybe more. Instead of actual daily posts, I started to recap a few days at a time. And then it turned into recapping the prior week at a time.

Chalk it up to me not leaving the house as much anymore. We’ve been more social and active lately, and are starting to return to being “out” more… but things beyond errands are still outliers. We tend to be at home most of the time.

The blog is a weird animal. Part of it is a personal diary, part of it is like a very large notebook of things I want to just save for some future reference or reflection. I don’t even know how many people still have blogs anymore.

Once all the rage in the early 2000’s, I feel like the act of sharing one’s personal life has continued and grown – but fractured into smaller, more consumable pieces of media. A tweet, an Instagram photo, a TikTok video.

This feels like an antiquated medium, after all this time. Everyone’s texting and filming videos, and blogging feels like using Morse Code to communicate. It’s definitely slower, less immediate.

I’m wondering what it would take, for me to return to a more daily posting schedule. Maybe focusing less on events and activities, and more on my thoughts and feelings? I think I started this blog very much with the idea of sharing thoughts and feelings, and have pulled back significantly since those days.

Maybe I should try turning this back into more of a diary, and less of a scrapbook. The long spells between updates do make me question whether I should keep going with the blog, or just stop completely.

Nothing’s requiring me to keep updating. But I’ve been doing it for so long now, it feels odd to just … stop? And to not do it? Something to consider more deeply, especially if I start to post here less and less. I don’t think I want to stop, but there’s part of me wonders if I should. I don’t think I’ve seriously considered that option yet. Not seriously, anyways.

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