Daisy Gets Critical Care

Daisy has had some off days, recently. She’s on some medication for her liver levels, and we’ve been keeping an eye out for anomalous behavior (listlessness, not eating, etc).

Today, she wasn’t much for eating. Which is always a worrying sign for rabbits, as going too long without food can be a life-threatening thing for them.

She wasn’t into her breakfast, and wasn’t into any food in the early afternoon. So by early evening, we decided she needed to be force-fed some Critical Care. Just to get some nutrition in her system.

Daisy, looking cute with her one ear up.

Liz, giving her a helping of Critical Care.

Daisy was quite worked up, and her back legs were shaking a lot during this session. Glad we were able to get some food into her system, but it’s worrisome.

We can tell Daisy is off when her ears get cold (they felt this way last night). She’s had a few moments like this, where she gets disinterested in food and ends up keeping to herself a lot.

She always bounces back, but it’s hard not to be reminded of how Phineas was, when he started to decline.

Daisy is very much an older bun now, and is up there in terms of years. She’s been fairly active and alert (despite her blindness)… but the recent bouts of not eating have been concerning.

// Edit: The following day, Daisy’s been back to normal. Super into her meals, and very much into her afternoon Critical Care feedings. Which has been a great relief.

Critical Care
Look, Daisy
Trying to Weigh Quincy the Rabbit

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