A Portrait of Phineas

Prior to the holidays, one of the things that Liz had on her gift list was a portrait of Phineas. We lost him last July, and it’s a loss that’s still heavy with Liz.

When talking about the portrait, Liz pointed me to Bumble&Bliss, an Instagram account that highlights oil painted canvases and hand drawn tile artwork by Sarah Mills.

I wasn’t able to get the portrait in time for the holidays, but was able to place the commission request. Liz gave me several photos of Phineas to choose from, and I ultimately went with this one, from her Instagram feed.

The holidays came, and everything and everyone got busy. And a week or so back, I got word that the portrait was ready. And today, it arrived in the mail.

I had Liz open the envelope as a surprise, as I don’t think she knew what it was. On seeing it, she immediately burst into tears.

It’s an incredibly lovely portrait, and captures Phineas so very well. Liz specifically wanted a portrait by Sarah Mills because she felt Sarah really captured the essence of the animals she painted.

Thanks to Sarah, for this fantastic portrait of our sweet Phineas. It’s lovely to see him once again in our house, after all this time.

For those of you who may not know him, Phineas has been in a lot of posts on here… going back all the way to 2013. I invite you to take a look over all the photos. We miss him very much.

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