One of These Things (Is Not Like the Others)

This morning, I ran out of some of Daisy’s medication (a “Liver Defense” supplement). I went to go grab the replacement bottle I had purchased, only to find out I go the wrong thing (a “Body Cleanse” supplement whose name to me suggests poop all over the place).

Normally, the medication is in the fridge. Since this newer one was unopened (and incorrect), I left it on the counter to remind myself to order the proper replacement.

This morning, Liz took out her “Liquid Stevia” sweetener, for her coffee. Noticing it next to the “Body Cleanse,” we saw how similar these bottles were. Add our whisky water dropper to the group, and you’ve got the makings of a screwball comedy script here.

I think I’ve only ever come close once, to mixing up the Stevia with the water bottle. But yeah, we should probably never have these things in close proximity to one another. Makes me think of Brian’s acupuncture moment, from Family Guy.

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