Daisy the Stoic

Tonight when we were sitting with the bunnies (a nightly ritual for us, near the end of the evening), Hugo was bopping around some. But Liz and I were laughing at Daisy, who was just sitting still, with this kind of far-off daze on her face. Just totally checked out and indifferent.

I know it’s more about her age, as she’s quite the senior bunny at this point. And her look has more to do with her failing eyesight. And her hearing is seemingly getting worse, to boot.

But I like thinking she’s a Hollywood starlet who’s become tired of all the morons at the speakeasy around her. And just wants to get out of this town and have some adventure, for God’s sake. And could we all just stop being so boring?

The yawn at the end is what gets me.

Look, Daisy
Hoppy New Year (2017)

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