A New Wooden Cottage for Daisy and Hugo

Liz picked up a new cottage for the bunnies recently. Their hut is mostly for them to use, when we double the pens in the evenings, during our visit time with them.

This one is more of a replacement for the constant stream of cardboard structures we’ve made for them. We didn’t want to use another two-story structure, for fear of Daisy’s failing eyesight. Better to keep things low to the ground.

We’ve made little enclosures from Amazon boxes, but it felt time to go for something a little more durable. Well, slightly more durable maybe.

Hugo, who probably is curious about these large, flat chew sticks we just gave him.

Assembled, without the roof. The design is interesting. I immediately started to wonder how we might go about building something like this ourselves.

All put together!

Daisy, a bit curious. And of course, Hugo’s right there on top of the whole thing. Because of course he is.

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