Alain Robert is Still Going Strong

Alain Robert is a French rock/urban climber, famous for his free solo climbs of skyscrapers (free solo climbs are done without any kind of ropes or protective equipment).

I first heard about him back in 2004, and remember being in awe of his accomplishments. Recently, he appeared in my Instagram feed and I learned he turned 60 last year, and apparently celebrated his birthday by re-climbing the Tour Total building in France.

While a lot of the content seems a bit repetitive, many of the videos and images still evoke in me a sense of terror and dread. Robert has such an ease about him when he’s perched perilously high. Which makes sense, given how long he’s been free solo-ing. But for us mere mortals, looking at these photos and videos just scares the poop out of me.

Interesting bit of trivia: Robert climbed the Sears tower in 1999. Apparently, he was the second person to accomplish the feat as Dan Goodwin beat him to it. But unlike Goodwin (who used suction cups), Robert just had a chalk bag and his shoes.

Definitely take a look at Robert’s Wikipedia page. It’s crazy impressive, and outright crazy.

Robert at 60 years old is still climbing skyscrapers. Looking back at my blog post from 18 years ago, let’s see… I continue to take out the trash, and took out the trash today. I might do laundry tomorrow. Maybe.

Such Great Heights

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