Chronophoto: Game Where You Guess the Year a Photograph was Taken

Chronophoto is an incredibly fun online game, where you’re presented with a photo… and you have to guess what year it was taken.

The rules are simple enough, but the fun part is examining details to try to hone in on a specific decade/year.

I was surprised to find that I am really, really bad at this! My guesses tended to be off by 7-10 years.

When I showed Liz this, she turned out to be really, really good at this! She cites her accuracy to her experience as a sewer/knitter, and as someone who has a good sense of fashion trends over the years.

When we played together, our score was definitely better than when I was trying solo.

A really fun game, and doubly fun when you try it with someone else. Simple but incredibly entertaining. I feel like you could break this out at a party, and get a group of folks around a laptop playing this game for a few hours, easy.

[via MetaFilter]

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