The Warhammer Store

Liz and I were out in the suburbs this weekend, stopping in at a Rockler store. I’d gone into one while back in Indianapolis over the holidays, and didn’t have a lot of time then to just browse.

I was interested in going back and just looking around. And luckily enough for us, they also carried a (very) specific soy-based paint stripper that Liz needed more of. So we made it an errand.

While parking, I happened to see that there was a Warhammer store a few doors away. Perhaps these aren’t new, but they were new to me! I haven’t seen them in the city really, but then again… I really haven’t been out very much these last few years.

I knew Warhammer was popular (Henry Cavill is a fan), but hadn’t realized they’d moved into retail storefront territory.

Here’s the depressing thing: I didn’t go in. They seemed closed when we arrived, but on our way out… there were people inside. I debated going in, and Liz even encouraged me to do so (she offered to wait in the car). I thought about it, and decided against it.

And of course, I totally regret it now. At the time, I wasn’t feeling into it… and worried I”d just pop in, gawk at all the stuff, try to take photos, and then leave in like 5 minutes. The idea felt awkward/forced.

What I’m realizing now, after the fact, is that I seem to be out of practice with stuff like this. Chance encounters like this were what I loved to do, in the early days of this blog… and this incident feels like I just lost a lot of steam.

I failed to take the advice I tried to give myself, seventeen years ago. And I’m regretting that missed opportunity after the fact.

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