Errands and an Impromptu Date Night at Lady Gregory’s

Liz and I were homebodies this Saturday. We spent a lot of time decompressing at home, for most of the day… and around 4PM decided to run a few errands around Wicker Park.

Closer to 6:00 PM, we were on the verge of heading back home. But ended up calling Lady Gregory’s to see if we could snag a table for some dinner.

Their whisky selection was on our radar, and this was a potential place were had talked about visiting. We lucked out and the person I spoke with offered to hold a table for us (we were a good 25 minutes away). And just like that: impromptu date night.

On being seated, the interior was a bit more crowded than I anticipated. The images I saw were of a more secluded back area (with a library backdrop), that seemed a lot more intimate. We were seated in the main area, by the front windows… which was fine. Though there’s now a part of me that wants to get one of those back room tables, for the added privacy.

Liz tried out an Irish whiskey and I tried out some Glenfarclas. I have this irrational resistance to the distillery based purely on the fact that I don’t like the logo. Chalk it up to sensation transference, I guess.

I did enjoy my dram. And definitely do want to explore Glenfarclas more (I’ve been getting more into the sherry side of things, lately). But that logo is just rough.

For most of our meal, Liz and I marveled at the fact that we were out and about in the world. We are still, by most measures, homebodies. And folks who stay in, and are still worried about Covid.

We really didn’t see a lot of folks with masks on. And it feels like the rest of the world has moved on to the “Oh well, I’m gonna live my life” phase of things. And Liz and I are both still in the prior “This Winter has a lot of scary airborne stuff going around” phase. And we haven’t quite caught up with the rest of the world.

Despite some moments of discomfort, we felt like we were re-emerging a bit. It was nice to be out and about, doubly so to have some drams somewhere that’s not our house.

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