Chopsaw/Stand Setup

Over the holidays, we got a very generous Xmas gift from the Holders: a new chop saw and stand. Our current chop saw was from Harbor Freight, and has really served us well over the years.

But that chop saw was meant to handle a lot of the grunt work we’ve had to do. We’re looking to take on more complex projects, and have been meaning to upgrade.

I’m a slow installer. I think Liz is better than me, in terms of interpreting spacial instructions (she taught herself a lot of bookbinding skills simply by reading). So while I’m able to assess things spatially pretty well, 3D instructions take me a minute.

A newer term I somehow didn’t know until today: acorn nut. In the instructions, it told me to use a certain bolt and to attach the “acorn nut.” I eventually figured it out.

Upright, somewhat.

More pieces.

A lovely looking saw.

A little hard to see, but the saw is officially mounted. The whole thing raises and lowers pretty well (easier than I would have thought). Surprisingly, lifting it up is actually easier than breaking it down.

But the stand is built well, and makes for a very smooth open/close process.

I still need to fine-tune things. And need to check out some of the differences between our new and older chop saw (the act of moving and locking at different angles is much better with the DeWalt).

We still have the old one around, and will likely keep two for the time being. The DeWalt is going to stay indoors, and the Harbor Freight saw will likely be the one going in and out, when needed.

A potential future project: building a chop saw station.

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