The Hay Sampler

Daisy has had this kind of fun before, but the “Hay Sampler” is a new experience for Hugo. We opened up this big box, and watched to see what the bunnies would do.

Hugo, boldly climbing up the ramp to check things out.

Top of the hay.

While Daisy was on the floor for a good while, she too eventually jumped up to join Hugo. Which, honestly, was a big deal… because her eyesight’s gone.

The Hay Sampler

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  1. What types of hay are in the sampler? I would’ve thought I’d be better at identifying hay, given how much of it I haul around for horses and yet…

    Melissa Reply

    • Hello stranger! L to R the various types of hay are: Timothy (2nd cutting), Timothy (3rd cutting), Oat, and Orchard.

      My allergies are terrible, and changing out the litter boxes sometimes causes a fit of sneezing. I can’t imagine what it must be like to move around large piles of hay for horses… I’d probably spend half my time blowing my nose.

      avoision Reply

      • Ha, it’d be even worse than you imagine as it manages to work its way into EVERYTHING, including undergarments somehow. And those very helpful horses occasionally blow into their hay bin while I’m fitting the slow feed net on top, which blasts hay bits and dust up into my face–like thanks, guys, I didn’t need to see out of my eyes or anything!

        I haven’t seen oat hay before, the barn I’m at feeds timothy, teff, and alfalfa. Have your bunnies shown a preference for one type over another?

        Melissa Reply

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