Trim Logic

This weekend, Liz and I have been revisiting the trim we want to order. We’ve gone through this process a few times, and have finally landed on a vendor… but still need to do some work on figuring out just how much material we need.

We’re looking to do the install ourselves. But neither of us really knows what we’re doing. So we want to ensure we order enough material to cover our mistakes. But we also want to minimize cutoffs and waste. It’s a tricky formula.

The various pieces we have, for both our door/entryways and windows.

A challenge we’re working through: what the actual lengths needed are. And on top of that, we additional buffer we want to add to the lengths.

From there, we need to convert those lengths (in inches) to actual boards (12′ or 14′ or 16′, etc). And to also figure out how to optimize the order, so that we get the right amount of material (with the least amount of cutoff/waste).

And to whatever that final number is, a certain additional percentage… a kind of “overage” amount, to account for mistakes, knots, etc.

It’s a tricky proposition. We worked yesterday on it for a while. And got several hours into things today. Our goal was to have a final tally, but we just had to tap out mid-afternoon.

Still – despite us not having a final list ready, we made some good progress today. And learned a lot in the process. Hoping to get this order out soon, which will enable us to really start to finalize (and finish) the first floor.

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