Brent Hull: Victorian Interior Millwork

I find myself oftentimes stressed out a lot, about the various work and tasks we have for our house. It’s very much a work in progress, and there is so very much I simply don’t know how to do.

Sure, there are online tutorials and videos. But even those stress me out to no end. I think Liz tends to view a lot of things online, and views them as inspiration. As examples and proof, of every day folks, tackling a new and daunting challenge and emerging triumphant.

For me, there’s a lot of unknown. And there’s also a lot of fear of messing things up. No one develops mastery on their first attempt, and it’s the process of work that slowly allows for that eventual mastery (or even competency).

Deep down I know this, but the stress for me comes from wanting (needing?) to somehow know it all, before I do a thing. And with a lot of our house work, there’s a lot of unknowns.

Lately, I’ve been looking up trim videos online. And one of the topics was trying to better understand how our old trim was used in the house (our home is from 1885). I came across this really informative video from Brent Hull, and found it incredibly fascinating. Before I knew it, I had watched the whole thing.

I do follow home improvement folks on social media, here and there. But it’s sparing. For whatever reason, I found Hull’s presentation really pleasant and not overwhelming at all. I found myself learning a lot, and even wanting to learn more.

I think our upcoming trim project is going to be one of our most challenging projects. There’s going to be a lot of precision needed, and a lot of new skills neither Liz and I have yet developed. Add to that a lot of pricey materials (and a potentially involved/lengthy wood staining process)… and the risks seem really high.

But so the rewards, I guess. I’m slowly getting over the apprehension, and slowly gearing towards rolling up my sleeves to do the thing. Listening to Hull talk about Victorian millwork was actually quite relaxing, something that surprised me.

A Saturday of House Work

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